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Although firmly steeped in Japanese history, Toyota is one of the most successful brands of automobiles in Australia. The story began with the importation of a Toyota Land Cruiser in the year 1958. A pair of brothers known as the Theiss brothers had the vehicle imported into Australia for work in the Snowy Mountains. The vehicle became extremely popular and the duo decided to sell the vehicles to the Australian public. The public responded and soon the Japanese company began establishing firm roots in Australia. Just one year after the vehicle first touched Australian soil, Land Cruisers were selling and paving the way for the automobile.

In 1963, Toyota brought an assembly plant to Australia. The vehicle was known as the Toyota Tiara. The assembly plant was built in Melbourne and run by the Australian Motor Industries, which later became known as AMI-Toyota. One year later, the Corona made its way to Australia and another assembly line was established at the Melbourne facility. Once the Toyota Crown joined the mix in 1967, the Melbourne facility became crowded and the need was raised for more room. To solve this problem, Toyota opened their Port Melbourne assembly plant in 1968. Also in the same year, Corolla was assembled in Australia, further expanding the Toyota line of quality automobiles.

The Theiss Brothers still had their hand in the commercial side of the Toyota business and in 1971 their business officially claimed the title of Theiss Toyota. Commercial leadership was established eight years later in 1979. Australian Motor Industries began to branch out of their Toyota assembly and manufacturing business and expand to include engine manufacturing and metal stamping. These ventures allowed Toyota to become even more firmly rooted to Australia, as a good many Australians were employed in the automobile giant’s effort to create the Australian-made vehicle.

As technology progressed and the automobile manufacturing business became even more streamlined, the other assembly lines began to fall behind. For this reason, Toyota opened a brand new, state of the art assembly and manufacturing facility in Melbourne. Known as the Altona plant, over 500 cars are produced on these assembly lines each day. Today, the Toyota Camry and Avalon and produced in Australia. The company became the Australian market leader in 2003 with the production of its 300,000th vehicle exported from the country, and each day that number continues to grow.

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The Altona plant located in Melbourne is capable of assembling the vehicle from top to bottom. Furthermore, the plant has cutting edge technology when it comes to welding, painting, and assembling the vehicle. The result is one of the finest, highest quality vehicles capable of being produced fully within the country. Furthermore, the Camry produced at the Altona plant has the highest level of local content, which comes from 97 suppliers scattered across the country. Embracing the Toyota production system, the Altona plant produces vehicles highly praised by some of the leading automotive experts in the world and continues to win quality control awards.


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