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Nissan is a Japanese automobile company that was established in December of 1933. The company originally started as a small automobile manufacturer that later produced the first Datsun. Officially named the Nissan Motor Company, the founder Yoshisuke Aikawa, found his fledging business growing exponentially during the war years. Later on, in the 1950s, Nissan partnered with the United Kingdom automobile manufacturer Austin and began producing vehicles using similar technologies. The company has always thought globally, but the 1960s proved to be the era when the Nissan automobile came out of Japan and fully entered the global market with manufacturing facilities all over the globe, including Australia.

Australia began to experience the Nissan line of automobiles during the 1930s. Datsun Phaetons first came to the continent and became an outstanding success. The company went on to enjoy success in Australia by producing high quality cars that consumed little gas compared to their contemporaries. In the 1960s, the company’s success skyrocketed with a partnership formed with Sir Lawrence Hartnett. Hartnett was revered in Australia as an automotive industry giant. In fact, Hartnett was the person responsible for securing distribution rights with Datsun. At the 1960 Melbourne Motor Show, Hartnett came across the Datsun 1200 and was delighted with the automobile.

In 1966, the first Nissan automobiles were assembled in Australia, as Hartnett’s relationship with the company arranged these automobiles to be produced in Sydney. The Bluebird models were assembled at the Pressed Metal Corporation from foreign made parts. This arrangement worked out terrifically, as Australians had the opportunity to purchase Nissans made in their home country. The following year of 1967, Nissan assembled over 20,000 automobiles in the Sydney factory and became the seventh largest name company in Australia.

The year of 1972 saw another leap in Nissan’s relationship with Australia. The first manufacturing plant was built in Clayton in Victoria. This plant manufactured engines using the latest technologies in addition to assembling automobiles. Five years later, the production of Nissans in Australia was over 127,754 vehicles. In addition to the Clayton manufacturing plant, Nissan established their Australian headquarters in Dandenong, also near Victoria.

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The 1980s saw Nissan experience a new role in the automotive industry, that of a sports car manufacturer. The Gazelle, Eza, and Pulsar automobiles proved exceedingly popular and brought the company new recognition in this facet of the automotive industry. Also, 1986 brought the production of two new sedans, the Skyline and the Pintara. Both of these automobiles were manufactured in Australia and proved to be success for the company. Furthermore, the Patrol four-wheel drive vehicle came to Australia and quickly became one of the hottest selling cars on the market.

New models of Nissan automobiles are continuing to pop up on the Australian market, and some old favorites have proven their staying power. The Maxima, Pulsar, and Navara are continually front runners of Australia’s automotive industry, as well as the sporty new Z car. Furthermore, many of these vehicles are manufactured or assembled in the country, thanks in large part to the vision of Sir Lawrence Hartnett.


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