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Mazda is a tremendously successful automobile company that continues to produce approximately 800,000 vehicles a year. The company began life in 1920 as a machine tool manufacturing company, Toyo Cork Kogyo, LTD. However, the company ceased their manufacture of machine tools and shifted their focus to automobiles during the car’s heyday in Japan. The Second World War saw many manufacturing companies turn towards producing military items, and Mazda was no different. In 1931, the company shifted focus yet again and began producing weapons for the war movement.

After World War II, Mazda returned to making automobiles. In fact, Mazda produced the first four wheel drive in 1960. The Mazda R360 proved to be incredibly popular and the company enjoyed all the success the vehicle brought. This incredibly compact car was touted in Japan’s large cities, where space is at a minimum. The Mazda R360 then gave way to the Mazda P360, also called the Carol. Just like the R360, the P360 was popular in Japan. These models of Mazda paved the way for the company to springboard into international territory, including Australia.

Although Mazda does not currently have any manufacturing or assembling facilities in Australia, they are a major importer of vehicles into the country. Formally Mazda Australia Pty LTD, has been in operation for more than 40 years and experienced a great amount of success in the country. In addition to the commercial vehicles offered on the market, Mazda offers a good variety of light weight trucks for business use.

The headquarters for Mazda Australia Pty LTD is in Notting Hill in Victoria. This headquarters employs 125 individuals in the country. In addition to the headquarters office, Mazda has several offices in most of the states in the country. However, the majority of employees work in the vast dealership network. Approximately 2,000 Australians are employed by Mazda. There are over 130 dealers of Mazda vehicles scattered around the country. One of their most popular models of vehicles is the Mazda 6, a sporty car that has proven to be a big seller for the automotive manufacturer. The Tribute, a four wheel drive vehicle has also been a top seller for Mazda and is increasingly popular in all parts of the country. Available in both V6 and four-cylinder models, these vehicles are one of the staples in Mazda’s line of commercial grade automobiles. On the sporty side of things, Mazda’s RX-8 continues to push the envelope with speed and design.

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Mazda Australia Pty LTD has formed the Mazda Foundation. Founded in 1990, the foundation works to contribute to the community. Funded by both the Australian and Japanese arms of the Mazda corporation, the Mazda Foundation has provided nearly three million dollars to a wide variety of projects and activities to community groups and individuals around the country. Mazda is one of the industry leaders in giving back to the community and has raised the bar for other profitable organization to offer a portion of their funds to worthy programs and projects.



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