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Once South Korea’s largest conglomerate, Hyundai began in the year 1947. The company’s name literally translates into modernity, and the Korean company strives to produce modern solutions to the automotive problem. Hyundai went from the largest conglomerate in the country to being divided into five equal parts in 2003. This division allowed the company to become parceled into smaller chunks, including Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Department Store Group, Hyundai Group, and the Hyundai Development Group. Before the restructuring effort, Hyundai had amassed a great deal of interests, including the automotive industry, ship building, retail, and electronics. This split of corporations came about due to the death of the company’s founder and CEO. Today, his widow holds his previous position.

Today, Hyundai automobiles are sold in over 160 countries, including Australia. The company serves as the eight largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world, which is quite a feat considering the company began its existence in 1967. Hyundai came to Australia in 1986, when the vehicles were imported into the country. At this time, Hyundai has no manufacturing or assembly factories in Australia, and the vehicles sold in the country come from manufacturing facilities in Korea. After the United States, Australia is the largest importer of Hyundai automobiles in the world.

There are over 140 retail dealers of Hyundai automobiles in Australia in all of the mainland states of the country. For this reason, it is no surprise that Hyundai is the seventh largest seller of automobiles in Australia. Furthermore, Hyundai is the largest automobile seller that sells only passenger only vehicles. All other automakers that either import automobiles into the country or manufacture vehicles inside the country produce both passenger only vehicles in addition to commercial vehicles.

The year 1997 saw a new headquarters for Hyundai Motor Company Australia. Costing over $47 million, the company’s headquarters in Homebush Bay on Sydney Harbor encompasses several aspects of the automotive business. In addition to having office space for Hyundai Motor Company Australia employees, the complex also serves as a warehouse for necessary parts. Finally, the company’s Australian headquarters houses the service training resources for knowledgeable individuals who are interested in becoming Hyundai certified technicians.

Hyundai has enjoyed solid sales numbers. Ever since the sales mark broke 500,000 sales, the company continues to grow in size. All Hyundai vehicles in the country are sold only through sponsored dealerships around the country. Furthermore, all Hyundai dealerships in Australia have an associated repair facility with knowledgeable employees who are well versed in all of the Hyundai automobile models for sale.

Currently, Hyundai Motor Company Australia offers several popular models of cars on the market. Ranging from smaller vehicles, including the tiny Getz, to larger all wheel drive vehicles, including the Tucson, these Hyundai vehicles are popular and versatile. The recently released Grandeur is a new addition to the luxury car market. This automobile is stylish and powerful, which is what many car buying individuals look for when in the market to purchase a luxury car.


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