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Honda is one of the largest growing manufacturers of automobiles, all terrain vehicles, generators, motorcycles, engines, and marine equipment on the market today. The company that began its history in post-war Japan has quickly spread all over the globe. Today, Honda has been established in Australia since 1981, when the company’s first office opened in Tullamarine, a suburb of Melbourne. That first office now serves as the Honda headquarters for Australia and has eight more sites scattered around the country, including those in Victoria, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

Since Honda produces many more products than their automobile line, the company has quite a staying power in Australia. Currently, 140 associates are hired by the company and work in a wide variety of positions in the country. One huge responsibility for the company is repair and replacement parts. The Honda National Parts Warehouse is located at the company headquarters at Tullamarine and serves as a part storage hub for the entire country. This warehouse stores over 120,000 types of parts guaranteed by Honda to be high quality parts specifically designed for their family of products. The parts warehouse was established in 1981 and saw the first time the company brought parts to the country.

Honda began as a Japanese company and still has a strong manufacturing presence in Japan. Although the company has established manufacturing plants all over the world, the majority of Honda vehicles and Honda parts are made in Japan. There are currently five factories in the country that produce a wide variety of products and parts. Honda is also in the works to build another factory in Yorii. Opening in 2010, this plant will open with the capacity to produce 200,000 automobiles and engines. This plant will be one of the largest in the country.

Just one year after Honda came to Australia, the company opened its first manufacturing facility in the United States. Located in Marysville, Ohio, the Honda of America facility is now the largest outside of Japan. Producing Accord sedans and coupes as well as the Acura TL, this facility has the capacity to produce 440,000 vehicles on an annual basis. Honda has another automobile manufacturing facility, also in the state of Ohio. The company’s East Liberty facility in East Liberty, Ohio produces the Civic line in addition to the Element. The company is planning to build a third automobile plant is 2008, which will employ approximately 1,500 individuals. In addition to these two automobile manufacturing plants, Honda has a variety of component, engine, motorcycle, and all terrain vehicle plants scattered across the country.

Although Honda does not currently produce any parts or products in Australia, the company is one of the fastest growing automobile companies in the country. The sales of Honda automobiles continue to increase each year. Many of the vehicles sold in Australia come from the company’s Asia manufacturing plants, including the Thai plant that produces the 2006 Jazz. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly aspect of Honda’s vehicles, including the Civic Hybrid, continues to win awards for its green capabilities.

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