Beginners Guide to Changing Oil

When changing your oil you will need:

  1. Jack Stands
  2. Jack
  3. Oil filter wrench
  4. Ratchet / Wrench
  5. Bucket or Oil Pan
  6. Oil Filter
  7. Funnel
  8. New Oil (around 5 liters depending on your car)

The following steps will guide you through your first oil change. This may take some time at first but you will get quicker at it. Never rush the amount of time needed for your car to drain thoroughly of oil.

  1. Warm your car up for 5 minuets before changing your oil. This will make the oil more lubricant so it can drain easily.
  2. Park your car on an even surface. Jack one side of your car up at a time and place a jack stand under each side. NEVER go under your car whilst it is on only jacks. This may result in the car being unstable and may slip causing major injury or death. Make sure the car is stable on the jack stands.
  3. Locate the drain plug. This should be located at the lowest part of the car on the oil sump.
  4. Place the bucket under the oil sump and release the bolt using a wrench. Remember that when the oil starts to flow it will be hot.
  5. Wait till all oil has drained from the car and secure the bolt again using the wrench. Always try to use a non adjustable wrench to avoid damaging the bolt. Make sure that you will be able to open the bolt next time.
  6. Locate the oil filter which is usually on the side of the motor and remove it using the oil filter wrench. Make sure you move the bucket under the filter as oil will come out in this procedure.
  7. Put some oil on your finger and run it around the seal of the new oil filter (this ensures an excellent seal).
  8. Attach the new oil filter making sure not to over tighten. This may cause great difficulty next time you want to change it.
  9. Once oil drain plug and filter are tightened, its time for the new oil. Remove the oil cap and place the funnel in. Fill you car with the recommended amount of new oil to your manufacturer’s specifications. Replace the oil cap and check the dipstick.
  10.  Take the car off the jack stands. Start the car and let it run for 5 minutes. Check for any leaks under the car.


You have now completed your oil change and saved money in the process.


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